Domestic rabbits: breeding, care rules, description of breeds + 110 photos
Review author: “ZooVita” Rabbits are unpretentious animals. They reproduce well and grow at home.
American Teddy cubs
Smooth-haired guinea pigs: types, breed characteristics, rearing features and care
Guinea pigs have long been popular pets. These cute rodents are easy to purchase at
Eating a budgerigar
Proper nutrition for a budgie at home
Budgerigars are unpretentious pet birds that can brighten up an ordinary and boring environment. At
What to feed your guinea pig at home: what you can give and what you can’t
Guinea pigs are highly sensitive pets that require careful care, love and attention.
Keeping hedgehogs at home: nutrition and care. House for a hedgehog
There is an opinion that the house becomes much cozier and more fun if you put it in
8 interesting facts about hamsters. Nobody expected this from them!
No. 9 They have very poor eyesight. They suffer from myopia and like many animals
Do guinea pigs stink?
Caring for and maintaining a guinea pig at home
Every family has its own preferences in choosing pets. Some people love dogs, some
Results of the exhibition “Mustachioed Stars-XVIII”
We invite you to take part and simply visit the exhibition of pets “ZooPalitra”. Exhibition website: ➡ Exhibition
With timely diagnosis, coccidiosis can be successfully treated
Symptoms of coccidiosis in rabbits and treatment at home, prevention
Treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits Iodine mixtures Preventive measures Video Coccidiosis in rabbits is found everywhere
Is it possible to feed rabbits walnuts and in what quantities?
Nuts are a very valuable product that contains a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Among
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