Why red-eared turtles squeak: reasons and proper care for the animal
Reptiles For their slowness and sluggishness, as well as an interested turn of the head and an inspiring look
Norfolk Terrier - hunter, rat catcher and favorite of Cambridge students
Despite its two-hundred-year history, Norfolk Terriers are not the most common dog breed. Most of
Pond slider
What to feed red-eared turtles at home - tips and tricks.
Aquatic ornamental turtles are frequent inhabitants of home aquariums. Children love these cute reptiles.
how old is a land turtle when it mates?
How do red-eared turtles reproduce at home?
Red-eared turtles are very popular among reptile owners. Reproduction of these animals at home
Mysterious story: why do all cats love boxes?
Why cats love boxes so much Cats love cardboard boxes - size and color meanings
Many people believe that a bird in the house is the most unpretentious pet. Put her in a cage
How long do red-eared turtles live at home?
It’s impossible to keep up with modern fashion - people never cease to amaze, finding more and more unusual
Raccoon sleeping in the wild
Does a raccoon sleep in winter? Raccoon sleep in the wild and at home
The raccoon is an extremely cute animal. Recently, these pets have been kept as pets.
budgerigar beak diseases 1
What beak diseases occur in budgies?
Could a budgie eat food without a beak? Answer: no! And breathe, make a nest,
How long do spaniels live at home - how to extend the life of a pet
One of the most popular dog breeds is the spaniel, which is friendly and cheerful.
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