Do I need to do a PCR test for coronavirus if I have been vaccinated?
What is PCR? Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – molecular genetic analysis. At this moment in time,
What to feed your guinea pig at home: what you can give and what you can’t
Guinea pigs are highly sensitive pets that require careful care, love and attention.
The best food for chinchillas: composition, description, rating
Providing a chinchilla with good and proper nutrition is the most important task for its owner. If this
Pond slider
What to feed red-eared turtles at home - tips and tricks.
Aquatic ornamental turtles are frequent inhabitants of home aquariums. Children love these cute reptiles.
Hamsters have fleas - symptoms and treatments
Home / Papillomas Hamsters are popular pets. But just like everyone else
hamster breeds with photos and names
Proper care of a black hamster: information about the characteristics of the breed
Hamsters are small rodents that, if well-kept and properly kept, can become wonderful animals.
The white mouse is an excellent decorative pet
Almost every person has acquired a pet at least once in their life. Some prefer ordinary types
The most common diseases of domestic hamsters
Djungarian hamsters are domestic miniature, decorative rodents. Djungaric hamsters live from 1 to
How to sew a hammock for a cat, chinchilla, rat with your own hands
Requirements for the rookery The hammock should be such that it can be easily installed where
Parasites in rats: fleas, lice eaters, lice and ticks - treatment and prevention
Parasites in rats: fleas, lice eaters, lice and ticks - treatment and prevention
Decorative rats are neat animals for which their owners provide decent living conditions. Unfortunately, parasites
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