the rat ran away
I went on the run and won’t be back soon: what to do if a rat escaped from its cage?
Sometimes it happens that a rat has escaped from its cage. The animal can also get lost in the room when
What types of rats are there? The rat is gray. Decorative rats
Every inhabitant of our planet knows about rats. Rodents are found in rural areas and urban buildings.
Why does a rat itch: it scratches until it bleeds and hurts, what should I do?
Why does a rat itch: it scratches until it bleeds and hurts, what should I do?
Decorative rats can suffer from mange even with proper care - the reasons for this are very different,
The popularity of Rex rabbits (pictured) in commercial farming is due to the high quality of their skin and fur.
Charming Rex rabbit: breeding, maintenance and reviews
Specifics of care, advantages and disadvantages of the breed Reviews from livestock breeders Video To the breed group of “Rex” rabbits
What do the tracks of a rat, mouse and other animals look like in the snow?
Traces of mice in the snow Looks like almost all the mice that are found in our area
Rats as pets: behavior, care and nutrition
Description For many centuries, a relationship was established between humanity and these rodents, but not
Description of house mouse photo
Winged mystery - bat: what it looks like, photo, why they sleep upside down and other features of the mammal
What these rodents look like are quite small in size - the largest individual is approximately 14-15 in length
How to make friends with ferrets?
How is sex determined in ferrets, the differences between a boy and a girl and who to choose
From time to time, when I am walking with my ferret in a special park, I hear a conversation
What do mice eat in the wild and at home?
Mice are rodents that do not suffer from lack of appetite and are capable of causing enormous damage to food supplies.
the rat laughs
Rats are smart, they know how to laugh and sympathize. How come they are used in cruel experiments?
Reasons why a rat laughs As scientists have established, rats (both decorative and wild) -
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